Weird Bit 12 - Goopidity

Look, we all love the Goop website. Who doesn't need $315 ultra high rise skinny jeans or a $32 jar of patio oil moisture mist (if you don't know what it is you can't afford it). But a $66 egg that goes where? And will those stickers really "re-balance my energy frequency"? We call it "goopidity." And it's really goopid.

Episode 25 - The Missing Teens of Toronto and Setagaya Murders - A Weird World Murder Mystery Double Feature

First we examine what happened to three seemingly "good kids" who went missing in Toronto at the same time - did it have anything to do with their friend found murdered a year before? Then we explore the Setagaya murders in Tokyo where the killer left behind his clothes, his backpack and his ... well, you'll see.